Mother – based on the books, articles and letters of Lise Børsum as well as interviews with Bente Børsum.
Dramatised and directed by Anne-Karen Hytten.

A monologue about the relation between the actress Bente Børsum and her mother, the upper-class-wife, the war-prisoner and the fighter for human rights, Lise Børsum.

Lise Børsum was the stay-at-home wife of a doctor from one of Oslo’s most selected districts at the time when the 2nd World War broke out. Almost by accident she stumbled into the resistance movement. In 1943 she was arrested and sent to Ravensbrück, a concentration-camp in Germany. On coming home after the war, she left her former upper-class-life. And Bente.

Bente Børsum is one of the most versatile and well respected Norwegian actresses of her generation, recognised from her major roles on stage, screen and television. She has received several prizes in her acting career. For her performance in this monologue she has received glowing reviews wherever it has been performed.

Since its opening night in oslo the 1.11.2006, this monologue has been performed in most theatres in Norway. It has also twice been included in the repertoire of the National Theatre in Oslo.
In the european womens theatre festival 2007 in Suomi, it was awarded with the certificate of honour.

from the reviews:
- an incredibly forceful show about a past that repeats itself every single day in every scene of war in our time.
- Bente Børsum is a virtuoso in the shifting positions of narration
- her empathy, understanding and sparkling presentation of the poignant text prove Børsum’s great talent

- …living theatre, brilliant acting…
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Actress Bente Børsum
Stage-director Anne-Karen Hytten
Scenografer Christine Lohre
Translator Annabelle Déspard
Producer Kristin Zachariassen